AFTH Virtual Academy

Group & Private Sessions


Thank you for your interest in our virtual learning programs!  We at AFTH believe that our students will blossom creatively from this new experience. Below is the schedule for our AFTH Virtual Academy.   Students may select the day and time they will participate in group instruction.  They will meet once weekly in their cohort for group instruction and every Friday all students will meet together for a Harp Chat with friends, and a talent show!

Students  who are renting harps should also select a time for either private lessons for 30 minutes at least twice a month, or register for the group sessions.  Times are first come first serve, please contact us to reserve your slots! Current AFTH Students  have the option to rent a Harpsicle Harp, like the ones they practiced on prior to the pandemic. 

The cost for Harpsicle Harp rentals is $25.00 per month.  We are only renting harps during virtual only classes through the months of May-August.  Once schools and programs return, we will be collecting the harps to provide during the  programs in the fall at your locations.

Students interested in purchasing a new harp, may do so at Harpsicle Harps website,  or you may contact  the Atlanta Harp Center, who also have harps for rent and purchase.  The Atlanta Harp Center also has a wide selection of harps for rent. Please contact Ashley for more details!


AFTH Youth Virtual Lesson Registration

Ready to get started!! Click the link below to register your student today for our AFTH Virtual Academy. Classes begin May 5th!