AFTH Senior Music Therapy & Enrichment Programs


Senior Programs

Did we mention our programs are beneficial for all ages?  No matter if your 6yrs....99yrs.... or more, AFTH has a program for you.


AFTH Music Enrichment & Therapy

 Artz for the Harp firmly believes,  music has the ability to heal and provides a positive outlet of self expression through the arts, while creating growth in the areas of self-esteem, responsibility, and discipline, while strengthening communities. 

We have two programs available for our senior populations.

AFTH Senior Music Enrichment

These programs provide group harp enrichment. All harps are provided, and students learn the classics, as well as some of their favorites from the past!

AFTH Senior Music Therapy Benefit Programs

This program provides a 30 minute teaching session along with a 30 minute therapy listening performance.  Students will have the opportunity to not only learn their favorites, but also listen to  music clinically proven to reduce stress & anxiety, reduce blood pressure and induce feelings of positive well being.


Benefits of Music

Music has been clinically proven to :

Improve Memory --effective with

(Alzhiemers & Dementia Care Patients)

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Alleviate Pain Symptoms

Generate Positive Emotions

Increase Cognitive Brain Functions

However these are only a few of the benefits of learning to play the harp!


Gymnopedies No. 1

By: Eric Satie 

Cover by: Stephen Rees