Benefits of Music

Learn how playing an instrument can positively impact many areas of your life!

AFTH Youth After School Programs


Enrichment Programs


Our AFTH Youth Music Enrichment Programs, are popular with schools, community centers, youth facilities, and faith based organizations!  

AFTH Youth Music Program sessions are held:  before, during , or  as part of an after school or homeschool program between 9am-6pm

Individual lessons are also offered in segments of: 20min, 30min  or 45 min. once or twice a week.


Our Programs

After School Programs AFTH offers these after school music enrichment programs to facilities throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our programs were created to supplement current arts programming, as well as provide access to facilities located in underserved arts areas. We currently offer three unique builder programs: (Subsidized programming)

AFTH Youth Harp Program: (youth ages 6 yrs to 17 yrs) Our music enrichment programs were created to provide music programming to organizations that currently do not offer a music-curricula as well as to supplement, current programs that are looking for a unique addition for their students.

AFTH Music Technology Program: (youth and music students) Though AFTH specializes in group harp instruction, we also realize that in a tech savvy world it is important also to add a technology component to our programs. In this program, students will learn the basics of music production using software such as: Presonus studio one, Garage Band and Pro Tools. They will also learn how to write and compose music using well-noted music software Finale.

AFTH Voice Program: Providing students the opportunity to learn how to sing and play the harp simultaneously. This program teaches students using a 20/20/20 method: 20 minutes learning to play a song of interest on the harp; 20 minutes warming up voice and learning a song and 20 minutes putting the two together.

Here are a few other programs worth mentioning!

Enchanted Harp Saturdays 

Enchanted Harp is the harp ensemble that meets in addition to  the weekly sessions.  This session is for students in private or group who would like to participate.  ​This day is used for additional rehearsal time, and preparation  for recitals, and concerts.

Skype Harp Haven

 Our skype program provides individual harp, voice and piano lessons via Skype to students unable to attend our live sessions in the Atlanta area.

The Angel Harp Program

This program provides harps and free harp lessons  to children in hospitals,  long term care facilities, and shelters. 


Enriching Lives

Since our inception, Artz for the Harp has served over 2144 students of all ages through our free and subsidized programming for the harp through concerts, individual and group workshops and clinics.

AFTH After School & Day Camp Programs

Here is a video featuring some of our AFTH  beginner  harp kiddos!!! Everyone learns and progresses at different levels, it is our job to encourage and guide them towards their fullest musical potential with our AFTH methods, tools and constant positive reinforcement!  

AFTH Scholarships


Scholarships are available to reduce  after school and or full camp rates to those who qualify, and 10 spots are given yearly to students in need. To apply for an AFTH  After School or Summer Camp Scholarship, parent/guardian must submit documentation of financial need, and student must write a one page essay on the importance of the arts, and why they should be chosen.